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Hans-Peter Becker
Unleash the Secret of Education and learn how to raise a happy child

A guide for a conscious life – creative, intelligent and musical.
This book combines autobiographical information with tips for promoting creativity and intelligence. In this way, Hans-Peter Becker addresses parents who are looking for advice – in a world that demands more and more performance but does not reveal how existing potential can be awakened. (…)

7 things to know…

In order to have a positive experience for themselves or their children, parents should inform themselves in order to be able to make the right choice of teacher and music school. This is definitely possible with the information in this book.

Hans-Peter Becker
7 things you need to know, before starting music lessons

Hans-Peter Becker | Christine Kaiser
7 things you need to know, before starting with early childhood music education

Daniel Agema
7 Dinge, die man wissen sollte, bevor man mit Producing oder DJing beginnt