Project Description

Quest Books

Are you ready for your quest?

Quest means search. But it’s not the search for the key in the morning when you’re in a hurry or the search for the glasses on your nose. It’s the adventurous quest that comes with a certain ambition with tasks and challenges to be mastered.
Quest is the name of the practice-oriented music textbook series from Modu Publishing which masters the challenge of making learning exciting.

A textbook that motivates, is fun and ensures quick learning success? A real challenge. But Peembeck GmbH has accepted this challenge. The result is the Quest series. Six quests have been published by Modu Publishing so far. Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and DJing can be learned in ten stages each, based on continuously increasing missions.

The Quest series is based on the proven MMS and VibrA principle of learning with fun and motivation. The motivation is given by the constantly increasing challenges. In the Quest series you don’t work your way through grey music theory. You learn practice-oriented. Easily understandable theoretical knowledge is tested and internalized by means of exciting and interesting tasks.